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Special religious education

Students can continue with the SRE curriculum online here:

Interdenominational Christian Special Religious Education (SRE) is offered for Years 7, 8 and 9 at Kellyville High School. These lessons are timetabled within the school regular timetable, and is coordinated by KARCHEE.

Attendance Policy

As with previous requirements, students will not be able to attend any religious activity - SRE or voluntary student activities of a religious nature (VSA) - without written consent of the students' parents. This proforma will be available at the parent and student counters at our school. This proforma contains an opt-in and opt-out opportunity. 

Only students on the roll will be present. Students cannot simply choose to attend SRE or NON-SRE on a week-by-week basis. Anyone who does not attend normal classes will be dealt with as a truancy. 

In NON-SRE periods students should be engaged in 'alternative meaningful activities'. This may involve: 

  • Reading a book
  • Completing homework 
  • Teacher-led discussions about issues that you feel may be  relevant to your class. 

Students are not permitted to: 

  • Be on mobile phones during these periods
  • Watch movies
  • Complete assessment tasks
  • Continue completing any of the curriculum for their area of study.

As per Department of Education policy, we are required to publish the entirety of the SRE curriculum. Please refer to the below link that which contains the 2020 curriculum for all SRE students at Kellyville High School. We have also published information pertaining to the curriculum structure and an overview of SRE lessons.

SRE Participation Letter 


Lesson Overview - Paul in Acts (years 7&8)

Lesson Overview - Exodus (year 9)